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Parker Anderson Enrichment

$40,000 Capital Required

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Parker Anderson is the only franchise that provides multiple income streams for schools, community centers, summer camps, and birthday parties. We go where the kids go, all year round!

Jamie Anderson and Josh Parker have had enormous success in Los Angeles with a business that keeps growing every year because they have a reputation for great work that starts and ends with a hands-on, “can-do” approach that all schools appreciate. They have developed a comprehensive website that runs almost all aspects of their business and is invaluable for franchisees. It makes training all tasks, from the very least to the most important, easy by automating them for extreme efficiency.

Considering that demand keeps growing for after school programs, and that shrinking school budgets increase the market for someone to take over hands-on learning…why not Parker-Anderson?

This is a proven concept, system and process:

  • A solid ground floor opportunity
  • A lifestyle that has flexibility and room for other interests

We have a proven business model!

When schools expect something good and get the best, you become a part of their family.

More than 200 schools in the Los Angeles area alone. Successful Franchises Coast to Coast, from California to New York City 

  • State-of-the-art website which basically runs your business, offering screen cast “how-to’s” for every step
  • CORE and STEM friendly – building fun and exciting gateways to understanding from Math Concepts to Creative Thinking

Parker-Anderson has class…after class…after class!

Multiple income streams from each school, community center, or summer camp. Have a different class or set of classes for every school day! We offer 14 classes to start:

  • Science Programs
  • Robot Building/Lego Robotics Programs
  • TechKids Program
  • Chess Program
  • MatheMagic
  • Fine Art Painting
  • Fashion Design
  • Computer Classes
  • Sports Classes
  • Mock Trial/Public Speaking
  • Kids Cooking Academy
  • Anime, Cartooning & Comic Creation


Summer Camps, Birthday Parties & Tournaments





The seeds of Parker-Anderson Enrichment were planted when Josh Parker and Jamie Anderson were kids. Josh was into sports and chess. Jamie was into the arts and sciences. As they grew into adults, childhood passions blossomed into hobbies and careers: Jamie became a professional singer-songwriter and a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and Josh, after finishing college at Berkeley, started teaching chess to elementary students.

Ten years later, they are the leading enrichment company in California, providing after school programs in more than 200 schools with qualified instructors teaching Lego Robotics, Young Architects, Mock Trial and Public Speaking, Marine Biology, Jewelry Making, Musical Train, Chess, and more! The first franchise came into being in 2014 in North Orange County and the rest is history…in the making!

Jamie and Josh have had enormous success in Los Angeles with a business that is still growing because they have a reputation for great work that starts and ends with a hands-on “can-do” approach that schools appreciate.


Unit Option: Single, Multiple, Area/Master Developer 

Franchised Units: 4

Owned Units: 1

New Units: 25

Year Established: 2005

First Year Franchised: 2015

Type of Business: Both

Hours of Operation: 8am - 4pm PST, Monday - Friday



Liquidity: $40,000.00 - $50,000.00

Minimum Investment: $37,380.00 - $109,500.00

Average Investment: $20,000.00 - $60,000.00

Minimum Net Worth: $60,000.00

3 Month Cash: $5,000.00 max $7,500.00

6 Month Cash: $7,500.00 max $10,000.00

1 Year Cash: $9,000.00 max $15,000.00

Franchise Fee: $25,900.00 (Franchise A) $35,900,00 (Franchise B)

Royalty: 10%

Royalty Description: Compensation to Franchisor



Co-Operative Advertising: Available

Site Selection Assistance: Available

Length of Training: 3-5 days

Sales Training for new accounts:

  • Comprehensive Training for the Website Manual
  • Comprehensive Training for the Operations Manual
  • Training videos for every instructor
  • Onsite Classroom Visits
  • Training in Sales and Marketing for after school enrichment, summer camps and birthday parties
  • Ongoing coaching during first year of operation

Operational Tools and Marketing:

  • Parking Anderson Website (Virtual Business in a box)
  • Marketing email and sales tools for fall, winter, spring enrichment programs, summer camps and birthday parties

Financing Assistance: Not at this time.


Available Territories: All United States (except IL)

Territories: United States

Ideal Candidate: Process-driven, motivated, family-oriented, consumer-friendly, detail-oriented, multi-tasker, consultative, experienced execution, operations focus, managerial, cares about others, environmentally-friendly, children-oriented, confidence, relationship builder, etc.

First Personality: Dominance - S/B - Friendly

Second Personality: Inducement - S/B – Motivated



I was first introduced to Parker-Anderson through my husband, Niels. It was the summer we met, 2012, and he was working as an instructor teaching mainly science courses, his specialty. I remember him telling me how much he enjoyed working with Jamie and Josh and how much he was discovering his passion for teaching science. A year later, when we moved to Orange County, Niels' schedule didn't allow him to continue teaching with the Orange County branch. However, at the time, I was looking for a job in that area so I turned to Parker-Anderson. Starting as an instructor gave me valuable experience teaching most of the classes from the list of offerings. I, like my husband, enjoyed working as an instructor and being part of the Parker-Anderson team. So when the previous Orange County director left and Josh and Jamie offered me the director position, I immediately accepted. And when Parker-Anderson started looking towards franchising, I knew that I wanted to invest more of myself into the company by purchasing the Orange County branch as a franchise. Not only have Josh and Jamie been incredibly supportive throughout the transition, my passion for what Parker-Anderson does has increased tenfold. Getting to work with schools offering much needed programs after school and during summer has been incredibly rewarding both mentally and financially. Niels and I are honored to be Parker-Anderson's first franchisees and look forward to many wonderful years to come.

- Laurelinda Hauksson, North Orange County franchise


  • Please keep me up to date on the latest franchise opportunities via email

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