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$50,000 Capital Required

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Why a Grounds Guys Landscape Franchise?

With The Grounds Guys proprietary landscape franchise management systems, our landscape franchisees can learn how to find new customers, gain market share over local competition, and operate a profitable and sustainable landscape franchise. The Grounds Guys’ portfolio of services includes landscape management, lawn and grounds care, irrigation, outdoor lighting, and snow and ice removal services for both residential and commercial clients. Each of our landscape franchisees is unique and they decide on which of the areas they would like to concentrate.

No Experience Necessary!




10 Reasons to Choose The Grounds Guys Landscape Franchise

1. Learning from experience

The Grounds Guys proprietary systems have been developed over the past 25 plus years. As a landscape franchisee, you are able to draw on the experience of not only your franchise coaches, who are industry experts, but also the large network of other landscape franchisees to help you meet your personal and professional goals. Additionally, you have support of the specialists, who know the landscape industry, in the following areas: marketing, sales, technology and public relations. You’re not out there on your own. Prior experience, while helpful, is not necessary. We have had very successful franchises owned by individuals with no prior industry experience.

2. Brand recognition

Recently, many low price / low quality companies have entered the market which has made it difficult for quality landscape contractors to retain their customers. The Grounds Guys offers or landscape franchises national branding that will help you rise above your competition at the local level so you can attract more customers who are focused on value and not price.

3. High success rate

We succeed when you succeed. Year after year, studies and surveys prove landscape franchise businesses have a much higher success rate than independent businesses. That’s because with a landscape franchise, you have a full support team, advice from other franchise owners and much more purchasing power (more on that later).

4. Business systems

Many business owners wear most, if not all of the hats in their business and they end up working more hours than they wish to. This takes away from quality family time and enjoying the lifestyle they hoped a business would provide them. Our GroundsNet software integrates the landscape franchise business systems into a streamlined package, from quoting to financial statements, to improve your efficiency and effectiveness. As an owner, you have real-time access to the key performance measures of your business and can compare them to system-wide benchmarks. We work with owners to implement systems so they can work on the business and not in the business. 

5. Attracting the right employees

For a business to grow it is essential to have the systems in place to recruit, hire, train, compensate and retain employees. Our proven training systems along with our HIRE and Grow programs can help you develop your employee base and help them achieve their personal and professional goals, ultimately freeing up your time to work on the business.

6. Attracting and keeping the right customers

The Grounds Guys helps successful business owners attract more of the best commercial and residential customers. These select customers require unsurpassed quality workmanship, effective communications and professional appearance when representing their property. Our proprietary software program will keep your customers close by providing them what they want: customer self-dispatch portal, 24/7 national call center, automatic email after each service call, monthly quality control reports, and much more. Our marketing team supports your needs in areas such as advertising, social media, promotional material, strategic account development, and statistical tracking.

7. Training

Today business is changing and moving so rapidly that it is imperative business owners stay ahead of the curve with ongoing training. Training for you and your employees are done throughout the year at our national training center, at your location, through online webinars, at regional meetings and at our annual reunion.

8. Succession plan

After many years of hard work it is unfortunate when a business owner is unable to sell their business for a profit or the business falls apart after providing it as a legacy to a family member. The Grounds Guys will help you develop a business plan and help implement the necessary systems to ensure a successful transition when you’re ready.

9. Cross marketing

You’re not alone in your local market. Because of the different brands in our franchise network, your residential and/or commercial customers now have a hometown service team. You can partner with other Dwyer Group franchise owners in other industries in your market to create a service powerhouse, as well as sharing of referrals.

10. Purchasing power

It’s simple. Buy better quality products and services and pay less. Because of our size, we have been able to negotiate great discounts and/or rebates on nearly everything you need to run your business including equipment, vehicles, insurance, supplies, marketing materials and much, much more. We want to help you bring more money to your bottom line. 



Ideal Candidate

The Ground Guys works with all types of potential owners to help them succeed. If you find yourself looking to invest in a company or have lawn care experience, we have the training and support tools you will need to build and maintain a successful business. Some of our franchise owners are entrepreneurs who invested in the Grounds Guys franchise, others have worked in the landscape business for years, and others have little experience. Whether you have a ton of industry experience or little at all, we will be there for you every step of the way.

The Grounds Guys is currently accepting inquiries from the following states: Alabama, California, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Oregon, Rhode Island, Texas, Utah, Wisconsin. 

Interested parties should have at least $50,000 in liquid capital to invest.


How Much Does It Cost?

Liquid Capital Required: $50,000

Total Investment: $72,490 - $205,090

Business Type: Franchise

Year Founded: 2010

Total Units: 149

Home Office Location: Waco, TX

Awards: Best for Vets 2014-15 Military Times, Landscaping Times Top 100, Entrepreneur Franchise 500 Ranked 2015, 2015 Bond’s Top 100 Franchises, Not Ranked Entrepreneur Magazine 2012; Franchise 500, #299 Entrepreneur Magazine 2013; Franchise 500, #213 Entrepreneur Magazine 2014; Military Friendly Franchise G. I. Jobs Magazine 2012; Best for Vets Ranked #6 Military times 2013; Military Friendly Franchise G. I. Jobs Magazine 2013 

Financing Assistance: Available

Training and Support: Available


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